“Happy Days”,2019
Ilke Gers, Phil Goss, Thomas Willemen
Curated by Eleni Michaelidi
"April is the cruellest month", 2019
Artists: Paige Davis, Elsa Henderson, Jingbo Zou and Thanos Makris
Curator: Faidra Vasileiadou
"If I cannot bend I will move", 2019, Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir & Jae Youl Jeoung
"Can you hear the sirens moan",2018, Anat Propper Goldenberg, to kosie,Peter Max Lawrence
"The go between", 2018, Gabriel Fabry, Lucille Leger, Romain Best, Constantin Kyriakopoulos
"Change nothing", 2018, Daniel Tuomey, Michalis Charalambous, Petter Yxell
"Under the paving stones", 2018, Candela Bado, Ajit Chauhan, Dimitra Kousteridou
"Touch me, remind me who I am",2018, Kyungmin Sofia Son, Lorna Bauer, Maria Andreou
"Songs, Balloons & Broken Tablets", 2017, Soohyun Choi, Alex Kuusik, Rebecca Wilcox, curator Panos Giannikopoulos
"Reinventing the wheel", 2017, Aaron Bezzina, curator Eleni Riga
"About eggshells and other possible becomings", 2017, Ruth Switalski, curator Eleni Riga
"KIOSK KSOIK", 2017, Documenta 14
"A series of pocket Utopias Zone d’Utopie Temporaire Part III (Z.U.T.)", 2017, curator Alice Bonnot
"Can a pigeon and a conure live together?", 2017, A. Quitman, A. Gatos, F. Patoue, J. Wierzchowiecka, M. Anastasiou, N. S. Karathanasis
"Studio Sharing ACT IV", 2017, A. Potamianou, A. Veinoglou, Campus Novel, D. Gusberti, D. Christidis, G. Papadatos, K. Õllek, N. Sachini, S. Touboura, S. Migliorati, V. Stylianidou, V. Evans
M. Guérin, M. Kita, L. Lapelyte, J. Born Schwartz, L. Taylor, V. Zarifopoulos, organized by Syndicate
"Άθεοι", Theia Connell, Theodoulos Polyviou and "A crossing for the tongue", 2017, Alexandra Brunt, curator Galini Notti
Exhibition Opening, in ατhεns, 2017, Emanuel Ehgartner, Borjana Ventzislavova
"Rezeptionsästhetik", 2017, Campus Novel
"Paraleipsis", 2017, Despina Nissiriou
"Athens, we have a problem", 2017, literary and visual arts Sci-fi festival
"Hallucinations of the Normal", 2017,
T. Dalezios, O. Evangelidou, A. Gatos, J. Koons, R. Martens, Varvaras, curator L. Otto
"On Uneven Ground", 2016, Eleanor Lines, Jonas Fischer, Katherine MacBride
"1000ml BC", 2016, Alex Millar, curator Paki Vlassopoulou
"You are so horny and romantic I wanna fall in love", 2016
"Aliki", 2016, Yana Rotner, curator Paky Vlasopoulou
"I Left My Senses in I. Drosopoulou", 2016,
Jan Uprichard
"Snehta Nightland", 2016, Augustus Veinoglou
"Wanderers", 2015, Yu Araki, Camille Cros, Nanna Lysholt Hansen
"Things are left to become concrete", 2016, Angharad Davies, Anastasia Pusch, Emma Sandström, curator Myrto Katsimicha
"Lost in Translation“, 2016, Joey Chin, Maëlle Gross, Kevin Hunt, curator Irini Bachlitzanaki
"As Above, So Below (Bunkbed)", 2016, Amy Pickles, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Tom Sander
"Setting“, 2015, A. Pappa, A. Mason, B. Campbell, Campus Novel, C. Gallagher, D. Protopapas, E. Isleifsdottir, K. Kotsis, N. Sepetzoglou, N. Niederhauser, P. Vlassopoulou, P. Mattheou, Z. Hatziyannaki, curator B. Campbell
"Another Athens", 2014, SpartAn in association with Snehta and interviewroom11
"Hurts So Good“, 2015, Eva Isleifsdóttir, Noemi Niederhauser
"Γ Λ Υ Κ Ι Α   Μ Ο Υ", 2015, Joanna Peace, Serra Tansel
"Performance Voyage summer tour 5", 2015
"(Re)currencies", 2015, Charlie Cousins, David Whelan
"Pantone Green and a Glass of Lemonade", 2014 Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki in collaboration with Jessica Dunleavy
"Snehta outreach", 2015,
Alexandro Lopez, Despina Nissiriou, Eric Schumacher, Kjersti Sletteland, Augustus Veinoglou
"1 City 2 Foreigners", 2014, Alexandra Stergiou, Maaike Stutterheim
"Navigating Nonlinear Seas", 2014, Sally Troughton
"Modern Bygones", 2014, Anita Gauran, Javier Gastelum
"Boundaries", 2014, group show, curator Becky Campbell
Art Athina, "Things are Different Now", 2014, E. Burns, J. Burton, C. Gallagher, B. Lafargue, A. P. Mason, D. Webb
"Concrete Love Song", 2014, Andrew Peter Mason, Jack Burton
"Findings & The Skill Exchange Library", 2013, Jessica Dunleavy
"Urban Tectonics", 2013, Elliott Burns, Boris Lafargue
"Unsettled Certainties" 2013, Catriona Gallagher, Dickie Webb
"The Frst Circle", 2012, Becky Campbell, Rachael Cloughton, Stephanie Mann, Fiona McGurk
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