Snehta is a non-for-profit organisation that promotes and facilitates local and international artists through its residency, exhibitions and educational programmes in Kypseli, Athens. 


For the residency artists are selected through an open call who then spend two months researching in Athens under the guidance of the residency team and an established Athens based curator. Snehta also organizes a series of exhibitions and talks in response to topics that critically engage with Athens’ unique identity as a historical and social center. 


Alongside its art residency Snehta offers burgeoning educational programmes offering professional mentoring and technical knowledge to emerging artists who want to excel in their artistic practice. The programme is staffed by established Athens based artists with a strong and living artistic practice.



Snehta stands for the name of the City of Athens written in reverse. This name metaphorically suggests that the artists involved are to rediscover Athens by reading and translating it alternatively, observing and using the City’s local, social and cultural dynamics. 


Our work ethos is to reinforce participating artists to bring a renewed awareness of Athens through the works produced, exhibitions and events. These should relate to and critically stimulate Hellenic, inter-European and global audiences, redefining Athens in a global context.


Our programmes have as a common basis to expand artistic practices that present elements of innovation and experimentation. 


Snehta fosters artists that clearly delineate the implication between artist, work and audience whilst supporting creative practices that strongly regard the experience or involvement of the community in the artwork or within the organization.

With the support of Outset Greece.





























KIOSK KSOIK, a Snehta public sculptural project in collaboration with Aletheia, Anton Kats

for Documenta14. 






Augustus Veinoglou

Snehta Founder & Director

Augustus Veinoglou is an artist, creative director and art educator. He has studied Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art, Art Education at Athens School of Fine Art and Art Therapy at Queen Margaret University. He is the founder and artistic director of Snehta Residency, a project devoted on expanding artistic activity and research in the City, fostering new relationships and collaborations internally but also beyond Athens.

He was a board member of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop between 2014 - 16. He has exhibited in the Uk, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, US, Estonia, and Turkey. Residencies include: The Royal Scottish Academy in Florence, Babayan Art house, Turkey, The John Mooney foundation, Chicago, Dordtyard, Holland, Amorgos Erimia project, Greece. Colm Cillie, Convocation residency in Rassey & Glasgow. Recent participationS in exhibitions include: Nurseries of the unconscious, Yellow Brick studio & A Hollow Place, June 2019 and Still here tomorrow, by ARWORKS, SNF, June 2019.

Veinoglou’s immersive installation work stems from the re-appropriation of energy, material and architectural elements that describe the transitory state of situations and spaces. Veinoglou explores how these elements can be re-arranged or re enacted to newly impact our experience and perception in space

Giorgos Veinoglou

Board member/Advisor

He is an economist by education and a real estate professional with akin interest in the contemporary art scene.

Rallou Avramidou

Program Director and Developer

Rallou Avramidou holds a Masters degree in Digital Museology (University of Leicester - UK), a Bachelor degree in Conservation of Antiquities and Artworks (University of West Attica - GR) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts in Education (Ionian University - GR). Since 2007, her career includes collaborations with international festivals, platforms of contemporary art, museums, galleries and cultural institutions - among others: Museum of Cycladic Art, Benaki Museum, Art Athina, Athens Biennale, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Agoni Grammi Gonimi, TAF / the art foundation, Milano Design Film Festival Greece, Festival International de Théâtre de Milos, Mykonos Biennale, Delta Pi Productions - and established Greek artists of contemporary visual and performing art scenery. She has more than 14 years of professional experience in the field of curation, cultural management and consultancy, community management and development. Her research interest is primarily on the use of digital technologies in terms of re-examining ethical dualities that emerged between the tangible and intangible heritage environments. She is the author of the paper titled “Crowdsourcing in Digital Humanities: A Greek perspective” which received the jury award during the 1st Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Heritage in September 2015, and she was granted by the Organization of Culture and Development NEON for the curatorial proposal "Transcending Time" (2017), which opened a fruitful dialogue between Art and Technology. Today, she works as a Program Director and Developer of Snehta Residency and as a Freelance Art Advisor in the field of research and development strategies within the cultural sector.

Simone Niarou

Program Coordinator

Simone Niarou studied theory and history of art at the Athens School of Fine Arts and graduated with honours in 2019. While studying, she worked as a production and communication assistant, as well as an invigilator at several art exhibitions and festivals such as Athens Biennale 4to5 (2015-2017), Athen's International Film Festival (2016-2017) and Documenta 14 (2017), in Athens. She was also an assistant curator for the Asfa Graduates' Show in 2018 under Katerina Tselou. For two years (2019-2021), she worked as an intern in the visitor's experience team with her expertise of tour guides and art research for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elisa Goulandris Foundation in Athens while she started working as an assistant at Snehta Residency on 2020. She has been working as a program coordinator at Snehta Residency past two years almost (2020-2022) while now she is a member of the visitor's experience team for Stegi Onassis.

Katerina Kazou

Program Assistant

Katerina Kazou graduated with honours in 2021 from the History and Theory of Art department of the Athens School of Fine Arts, while having spent a semester at the Université Paris 8. Since 2015 she has done a variety of volunteering work, ranging from art workshops with KETHEA Strofi to harm reduction work with STEPS Organisation. Regarding the latter, she has acquired a coordinating role of the Drop-In Center “Koukkida” for two consecutive semesters (2020-2021), while also catering for the more artistic initiatives of the team. She has worked as an assistant and invigilator at the Summer Nostos Festival 2019 of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation as well as at the Platforms Project (2018, 2019 and 2021). During the 2019 Platforms Project she took an active role in the art workshops and guided tours. Since November of 2021 Katerina works a coordinator assistant at Snehta.