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Kypseli, is the sixth district of the municipality of Athens, sitting on centre's northern recesses, it is residency's main station and point of reference.  It is one of the oldest residential areas of the modernistic movement that started in 1930’s in Athens. Kypseli was primarily occupied by the upper class and was as privileged due to its large size apartments, houses influenced by art deco and bauhaus and eclecticism.



First Circle exhibition: click here

Snehta residency presentation (13':00''): French Institute Athens 

click here

ert-3 Enallaktika artopoiimata Snehta documentary (43':00") click here

Athinorama magazine, "Kypseli"! a hub of creative activities: click here



Both Snehta spaces are between a hundred meters distance from each other allowing the residents to move quickly between home and work space. All fine examples of Athenian modernism one can easily get an impression how Athens felt and looked like in the near past.


Artists come and occupy the three bedroom flat in Aghias Zonis which includes a small fully functional darkroom and use the upstairs studios and gallery space at 47 I. Drosopoulou. 

The studio space at Ioannou Drosopoulou 47 is composed of three studio spaces (shared), one wood workshop and an exhibition space.


wifi included available in both spaces. 

Aghias Zonis 1 Space

Artists accomodation and office space 




Ioannou Drosopoulou 47 

Studio, workshops, exhibition Space

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