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Sustainability is in the AiR (SAiR) is a three-year project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme. The project will develop a model of sustainable management of residential centres to foster sustainable artistic practices and enhance career opportunities for artists in residence. The project combines and upgrades the operational strategies of four residential centres in Ljubljana (MGLC Švicarija), Prague (MeetFactory), Madrid (Matadero), and Athens (Snehta).

Deadline for applications: 19 June 2023 - extended (1 PM CET).

  • How can we achieve sustainability when the majority of environmental issues are caused by big corporations and our own role in society's inability to take action?

  • Do baby steps matter? Is it about taking slow care of our surroundings or having no remorse? 

  • Can we still think of sustainability in terms such as balance and stability meanwhile it becomes more and more clear it will be hard to reach any level of environmental sustainability without making drastic changes to our society and the world we live in 

  • Thinking about the sustainability of contemporary social concerns, such as migration, new digital technologies and immersive digital environments etc.

"At its core, sustainability entails enhancing our relationships with both communities and the means of production and development networks, prioritising human-centric systems and environmentally resilient strategies. This can be achieved through the development of adaptable and meticulously crafted approaches that recognize the interdependence of these networks and promote resilient cooperation among them. Eventually this requires us to think critically about the impact of our actions and our role within these networks as makers and cultural producers whilst prioritising long term and well being over short term gain and fast results."

Read more: Open Call details

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