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Sustainability is in the AiR (Athens, Madrid, Prague, Ljubljana)

In May 2023, the project partners jointly developed the guidelines for the open call and published a call for applications in their respective countries. The invitation was addressed to visual artists living and working in Slovenia, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic.

The open call supported the residential exchange of eight visual artists who proposed projects that address sustainability both as a method and a theme. We were interested in artistic positions that addressed the theme in the context of the art environment and art institutions.

The selection of the eight artists-in-residence was made by the project expert group on 5 July 2023. For two years, each project partner will support the mobilities of two artists from their country.

The selected artists are: Czech Republic: Lenka Kubelová and Olga Staňková; Greece: Maria Nikiforaki and Christina Zampoulaki; Slovenia: Lea Culetto and Small but dangers; Spain: Sara García Fernández and Adrianna Szojda.


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