Athens, we have a problem Literary and visual arts Sci-fi festival 3- 7 May

Athens, we have a problem Literary and visual arts Sci-fi festival 3- 7 May Snehta Residency, Ι. Drosopoulou 47 & Kefallinias 39 Women who are hired by the affluent to give birth to their oversized babies, monstrous squids that pose an immediate threat to our lives, robotic bees protecting the border, wise men whose bodies have curved under the weight of their wisdom, Cryonics who just came out of their cocoons to look for the panacea, strange creatures whose heads parasitize other creatures. Is this what Athens will look like in the future? Or perhaps what it looks like in our days but we have failed to notice? The only thing we can know for certain is: Athens, we have a problem. Snehta Res

Snehta residency show

CURATED BY GALINI NOTTI Opening - Wednesday 26/4 20.00-23.00 Open - 27-29/4 16,00-20.00 Snehta Residency, I. Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli ALEXANDRA BRUNT 'A CROSSING FOR THE TONGUE' 26/4 20.00 Opening performance ‘Transfer (from one hand to another)’ 27/4 18.30 Performance 'Daughter in ecstasy', Fokionos Negri 26, Kypseli THEIA CONNELL & THEODOULOS POLYVIOU ‘ΑΘΕΟΙ’ Snehta Residency is pleased to present a show by current artists-in-residence Alexandra Brunt and the artists’ duo Άθεοι, composed by Theia Connell & Theodoulos Polyviou. In the exhibition the artists will present the work they produced during their residency and research in Athens. Alexandra Brunt works with performan


Satellite is a new project space located only a few paces away from Snehta, I. Drosopoulou 47 in Kypseli. An old knitwear shop at Kefallinias 39 becomes a hosting space for parallel projects. Paraleipsis Despina Nissiriou A Snehta Residency Satellite Project at Kefallinias 39, Kypseli 11257, Athens Opening Tuesday 4th April 8-11pm Open 5th- 14th April 4-8 pm (Closed Sunday 9th April) “Norman O.Brown says that if you want to find your identity the best place to start is by getting lost, thus connecting the concepts of identity and place. No identity, no sense of place. A defunct knitwear shop at Kypseli, stripped down from its original commercial identity, becomes an old f

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