A series of pocket Utopias

A series of pocket Utopias Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) Part III Residency: 3 July – 26 July 2017 Exhibition: 27 July – 29 July 2017 PETROS EFSTATHIADIS THOMAS LANGLEY VASILIKI SIFOSTRATOUDAKI AUGUSTUS VEINOGLOU MARCO GODOY PANOS PAPADOPOULOS INES NETO DOS SANTOS Following Paris in 2015 and London in 2016, the third edition of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) summer residency programme has taken place in Athens this July 2017. The residency stands as an ongoing social and creative experiment whereby a group of selected artists work together during four weeks to create a Temporary Utopian Zone. The group worked with guest speakers Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Ivan Masteropoulos, Dimitri


At the core of the event on the 16th of July is Snehta Residency’s overarching mission which is to foster new ways of interpreting the city through the activation or the reuse of inherent qualities and energies that become embodied in the artwork. That knowledge stems from the experience of an ongoing five-year long residency program that has so far allowed 60 international artists to come and work in Kypseli, Athens. Responding to the A-Letheia project in Fokionos Negri, Kypseli, Snehta is implementing a number of artistic actions at the kiosk highlighting its historical importance in the neighborhood as a mercantile and community space but also to celebrate it as a modern day sculptural

Opening: Margarethe Drexel and Markus Krottendorfer in ατhεns

Current artists-in-residence Margarethe Drexel and Markus Krottendorferwill present new works which they developed during their 2 months-stay in ατhεns under the curatorial advice of Eleni Michaelidi and Antonia Rahofer. Duration of the exhibition: Thursday 13 - Saturday 15 July 2017 Opening hours: daily from 4 - 8 pm This exhibition takes place as part of in ατhεns - Austrian Artist Residency, a project organized by Antonia Rahofer and organized in cooperation withSnehta Residency, Athens and Kunstverein EXTRA, Vienna. Generously supported by the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and theAustrian Embassy Athens, it offers four selected, Austrian-based, visual artists for the first time the

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