April 29, 2017

Athens, we have a problem

Literary and visual arts Sci-fi festival

3- 7 May

Snehta Residency, Ι. Drosopoulou 47 & Kefallinias 39

Women who are hired by the affluent to give birth to their oversized babies, monstrous squids that pose an immediate threat to our lives, robotic bees protecting the border, wise men whose bodies have curved under the weight of their wisdom, Cryonics who just came out of their cocoons to look f...


Opening - Wednesday 26/4 20.00-23.00
Open - 27-29/4 16,00-20.00

Snehta Residency, I. Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli

26/4 20.00 Opening performance ‘Transfer (from one hand to another)’
27/4 18.30 Performance 'Daughter in ecstasy', Fokionos Negri 26, Kypseli


Snehta Residency is pleased to present a show by c...

April 4, 2017

Satellite is a new project space located only a few paces away from Snehta, I. Drosopoulou 47 in Kypseli. An old knitwear shop at Kefallinias 39 becomes a hosting space for parallel projects.

Despina Nissiriou
A Snehta Residency Satellite Project at Kefallinias 39, Kypseli 11257, Athens
Opening Tuesday 4th April 8-11pm
Open 5th- 14th April 4-8 pm (Closed Sunday 9th April)

“Norman O.Br...

March 27, 2017

Campus Novel

Opening Thursday 30th March 8-11pm
Open 31st March, 1st, 2nd, 3rd April 4-8pm

4th April, 'Finissage', 8 - 11

SNEHTA, I. Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli 11257, Athens

Rezeptionsästhetik focuses on the area of Kypseli as a case study of the urban surplus.

Kypseli has been a principal core of the formerly successful financial model of reconstruction, introducing apartment buildings as one of th...


Magalie Guérin, Magdalena Kita, Lina Lapelyte, Julie Born Schwartz, Lauren Taylor, Vasilis Zarifopoulos

A group exhibition organized by Syndicate.

Opening Wednesday 22nd March 8-11pm
Open 23rd 24th 25th March 4-8pm

SNEHTA, I. Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli 11257, Athens

(article excerpt, 15 May)
…but there were no clear indicators in the days prior. As the morning broke around two dozen major thorou...

March 5, 2017

It is dangerous to go into the world uncaffeinated
A talk on the development of Syndicate, in three parts

A screening of four films, with
Seecum Cheung
Tom Crawford
Alex Reynolds
Rehana Zaman

After several years as a nomadic series of standalone projects, parallel to gallery and festival programming, JL Murtaugh established Syndicate as an autonomous space in Spring 2016. Working with a core group of associates and...

February 17, 2017

"A lover a brother a father a taxi driver"
Kirsty Louise Turner

Regardless of their monitory value, if any, or their origin of production, Turner overcomes standard inhibitions attached to the materiality of trade and foreign circumstances and chooses to test these mass materials that are accumulated through her meandering in and out the city’s public and private spaces. Moreover she chooses to consume, hoard and pl...

February 3, 2017

We are so pleased to be opening four additional residencies this April/May & June July to welcome artists from Austria to work with us in the city. This is an amazing opportunity open to Austrian based artists only

The project is run by Antonia Rahofer in cooperation with Kunstverein EXTRA, Vienna, and Snehta Residency as the hosting organisation.

Maybe it all started with the use of the Chorus in ancient tragedies. The set-up is brilliant: to have a play that preemptively incorporates the sentiment of the public. A play that does not situate itself outside of the spectator, but already negotiates their attitude.

This mechanism can be extrapolated: be it an obnoxious puppet that speaks from the ventriloquist's stomach, be it the pirates and princesses of t...

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