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Finalists! - Walking Backwards -

The last stage of Snehta’s open call - Walking Backwards – has now closed. The call will culminate in two separate exhibitions in June and October 2021.

The selection committee was overwhelmed by the high quality of submitted work yet, only two proposals were chosen demonstrating both excellent artistic merit and an intriguing conceptual approach towards the organizations mission and the proposed theme.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that our finalists are Evgenia Ioannidou and the duo composed by Christos Papasotiriou and Natalia Domínguez who will work together towards a group exhibition.

Walking backwards is a reoccurring opportunity. Tune in for our next Call for exhibition proposals by checking our Opportunities page or by registering in our newsletter & social media.


Evgenia Ioannidou graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts, 2020. She works with sculpture, video, and text. Her work is a parallel exploration of personal stories -fictional or not- and structural features of houses and gardens. She appropriates ritualistic practice as the means to unify seeminliny unliked elements and objects displaced from their original narrative.

Recent participations in group shows and collaborative projects, include: ASFA Degree Show, (Day’s residues). “Human Particles of the living sun”, Academy of Fine arts & Athens, (Sehenswürdigkeiten, 2019).“The spirit of the stairs”, Ayios Nicolaos Municipality curated by Eleni Koukou and Theofilos Trampoulis (Crete, Greece, 2019). “Just before the interaction”, group pop up show.

Christos Papasotiriou is a Greek artist working between Athens and Barcelona. His work focuses on the notion of manufacture displayed into a broad human network. Through installations he attempts to interpret constructions, images and sounds dragged out of the public landscape. Each artwork emerges from external experiences and situations related to a specific environment.

His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Genalguacil "Fernando Centero López" Malaga, "Affordable Art Fair" Brussels, Gallery 88 Antwerp and has taken part in Art Residency Programs: "XV Encuentros de Arte de Genalguacil 2020" Malaga (Spain), "Resonance" Lizières (France) and "Epitopou" Andros (Greece).

Natalia Domínguez is a Spanish artist whose work examines the “idiomatic” aspects of our reality. By the use of sound, voice and sculpture she builds coded symbolic landscapes in which every element turns into a “container of meaning”, a representation of a series of characteristics that tell us about the object itself but also about the qualities we apply to them.

Her work was exhibited in Matadero Madrid, PIVÔ Brasil, CAC Málaga, ACA'18 1st Andalusian Contemporary Art Forum and XIX Mostra d'Art Públic of the University (among other galleries and institutions) and she has taken part in different Art in Residency Programs such El Ranchito Brasil, Centro de CreaciónContemporánea C3A ( Córdoba), Fundación BilbaoA rte, Hangar (Barcelona) and La Escocesa (Barcelona).


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