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Part-time position, payroll

400 (m) € p.m

24 hours / week

*times and schedule are negotiable

I.Drosopoulou 47

Kefallinias 39 (Snehta office), Kypseli


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Has a friendly and approachable profile.

  • Exceptional organisational skills.

  • Needs to work within deadlines and understand basic aspects of artistic residencies and productions.

  • Good knowledge and understanding of the Art scene in Athens

  • Holds a degree in an art related subject (Curating, history of Art, Fine Arts, Art Management..)

..more skills

Excellent writing/verbal skills in both Greek and English.

Excellent presentation - public speaking skills.

Excellent skills in Microsoft Work & Excel.

Being Instagram and smart phone wise.


Has their own laptop

Are familiar with google calendar and google docs

Has a good phone camera

General job description

The Snehta coordinator has a pivotal role within the project, keeping schedules and aiding in basic residency activities, 1. the running of residency open calls, 2. coordinating residencies - keeping schedules, organising internal meetings and notifying all parties for upcoming tasks. 3. Also takes on tasks in terms of maintenance / online material on facebook and website, whilst helping with translations and carrying out certain archiving tasks.

- Meetings

Snehta organises and attends periodically meetings with its: Resident artists (3 per 2 months residency period, including the inaugural meeting at the beginning of each residency block). Meetings with its in-house curators (once per residency period), and internally with the rest of its team members consisting of the director and press manager. (at least once every 2 weeks).

- Other

The coordinator like with other team members oughts to reflect the ethos of the project in 3. public presentations - In meetings and liaisons with artists and with external collaborators.

The coordinator will be present during exhibitions and public openings to mediate exhibition material and offer visitors assistance in practical matters. During their work hours the coordinator must make themselves available to answer questions and assist artists in their research. That might entail researching online and making phone calls to certain artisans and professionals within the city.

Additionally the coordinator will offer complementary roles in regards to Snehta education and Snehta shop. *Both these projects are at an initial level.

In more detail these will entail - when in office - to make themselves available to answer questions about the exhibitions and products available for sale whilst carrying out transactions and making ad hoc, short presentations of the work and project.

Regarding the educational programme - the coordinator will also help developing the brochures along with the director whilst disseminating those to the press manager for checks and promotion.

The coordinator is expected to make reciprocal promotions of all material Snehta publicises online. On facebook, instagram and email lists.


The role of the coordinator isn’t a stationary one. The coordinator would happily be expected to propose new ideas and offer insight about the course of the project. Snehta wants to cultivate real team building based on a mutual interest amongst its team members.

Please send your C.V and a cover letter to:


Snehta is a non-for-profit organisation that promotes and facilitates local and international artists through its residency, exhibitions and educational programmes in Kypseli, Athens.

For the residency artists are selected through an open call who then spend two months researching in Athens under the guidance of the residency team and an established Athens based curator. Snehta also organizes a series of exhibitions and talks in response to topics that critically engage with Athens’ unique identity as a historical and social center.

Alongside its art residency Snehta offers burgeoning educational programmes offering professional mentoring and technical knowledge to emerging artists who want to excel in their artistic practice. The programme is staffed by established Athens based artists with a strong and living artistic practice.


Snehta stands for the name of the City of Athens written in reverse. This name metaphorically suggests that the artists involved are to rediscover Athens by reading and translating it alternatively, observing and using the City’s local, social and cultural dynamics.

Our work ethos is to reinforce participating artists to bring a renewed awareness of Athens through the works produced, exhibitions and events. These should relate to and critically stimulate Hellenic, inter-European and global audiences, redefining Athens in a global context.

Our programmes have as a common basis to expand artistic practices that present elements of innovation and experimentation.

Snehta fosters artists that clearly delineate the implication between artist, work and audience whilst supporting creative practices that strongly regard the experience or involvement of the community in the artwork or within the organization.

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