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photo by Todor Nenov

photo by Todor Nenov

Snehta is happy to announce it is now part of AIM - NETWORK !


AIM Network, a European network of artist-run initiatives organized in Plovdid Bulgaria a conference, in which artist-run spaces from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Danemark and Greece met each other (6–10 June) 2019

Organized together with Plovdiv 2019 European Capital of Culture and Watertower Art Fest, Sofia, ran by Nia Pushkarova, AIM Network is based on the concept of 'large scale local', working with local initiatives and initiatives from surrounding countries.

On June 9, Snehta organized in the conference the workshop :

‘What makes an art residency effective? ‘

A short workshop initiated by Snehta residency and shared amongst AIM invitees during Plovdiv European capital of culture 2019. With participants:

  • Andreas Ribbung and Alice Máselníková - AIM network

  • Matthias Roth -Transdisciplinary project space (TOP)

  • Lina Rukeviciute -The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LeTMeKoo)

  • Penka Mincheva – Progress Space Art, Bulgaria

Amongst other points raised by the participants, it was broadly agreed that points of an effective residency program should entail the following objectives:

  • Taking into consideration the artists’ demands

  • Realising the artists’ goals

  • Having a specific mission statement and a strong programming

  • Communicating clearly the content of the programme

  • Cultivating exchange of knowledge and skills

The issues of mobility, exchange and open cooperation were discussed extensively, opening up ideas for future collaborations.

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