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Internship opportunity at Snehta Residency


Snehta is looking for a young creative professional from the areas of Applied Arts, Fine Art, Curating, history of art to come and work on our residency programme for four months. 




You will be part of a close knit team consisting of 3 to 4 resident artists, our residency coordinator, house curator, residency director and press manager. 


You will be talking to the coordinator and our in house curator to layout jobs throughout the day and assisting roles regarding the work of the artists and must be present in group meetings.


Internship duration


Duration: 4 months


Recommended working times: three days a week / four hours per day. Days and hours can be negotiable. 




- To help artists communicate with artisans, merchants and help them conduct certain errants. 

- Spending time with resident artists and showing them around the city, galleries and openings.


- Make sure artists are making appropriate use of in house facilities.


- Help handle art work and being creative around discussions concerning installs 


- Helping during installs 


- Helping in our bar and opening times. Invigilation & setup




Knowledge of an art discipline, or learners of such.


Must be extremely fluent in english.




* It would be considered an asset if the intern has a car


* Snehta can provide money towards travel expenses within the city 



By the end of the internship you will receive:


- A professional reference 


- Experience in working with artists and curators within a creative and professional work setting. 

Send your cv to:

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