"A lover a brother a father a taxi driver"

"A lover a brother a father a taxi driver" Kirsty Louise Turner Regardless of their monitory value, if any, or their origin of production, Turner overcomes standard inhibitions attached to the materiality of trade and foreign circumstances and chooses to test these mass materials that are accumulated through her meandering in and out the city’s public and private spaces. Moreover she chooses to consume, hoard and playfully interact with newly encountered commodities and debris she finds in markets, homes, cafes as well as trade or street waste. Through these initiations, our collective behaviour and sense of ownership over multiplied, mass produced objects and the roles they play in our l

Artist Residencies in Athens open to Austrian based artists

We are so pleased to be opening four additional residencies this April/May & June July to welcome artists from Austria to work with us in the city. This is an amazing opportunity open to Austrian based artists only The project is run by Antonia Rahofer in cooperation with Kunstverein EXTRA, Vienna, and Snehta Residency as the hosting organisation.

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