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1 City 2 Foreigners

Alexandra Stergiou, Maaike Stutterheim


We welcome you to have a look at what we’ve been working on.


Alexandra Stergiou 

"Athens, I Love You"


"Athens, I Love You" is a collection of four films made by five people. Three of whom have never made a movie before. An American filmmaker. A Greek visual artist. An Iranian musician. A Nigerian immigrant. An Albanian graffiti artist. Athens is experienced through their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. Their unique relationships with the city create a dialectic between the subjectivity of the auteur, and the aesthetics of cinéma vérité, or observational cinema. Thus, "Athens, I Love You" is a film essay. But it is also a letter; one written by an uncertain lover in a doomed affair.

While "Athens, I Love You" is inspired by cinéma vérité it attempts to reconcile this style with the notion of individual expression as a means for empowerment. This project is the result of a documentary filmmaking workshop held in conjunction with Snehta Residency and Babel Day Center, an NGO that provides mental health services for immigrants. Guided by filmmaker Alexandra Stergiou ("Citizen Zero"), each workshop participant explored Athens, cameras in hand. They each made a short observational documentary answering the question, "What part of Athens do you find the most interesting?" 

Maaike Stutterheim 



Up for grabs…

For Sale - For Rent - For Free




"Travelling to standstill”

a transient installation


A hotel is a transient place, made alive by travelers passing through.

An abandoned hotel is transient on different levels, waiting to be used again

or waiting to change direction all together and transform into something new.

Its a transience that is not being used, a transience at a standstill.

Until you enter.

Re-using it.

Re-vitalising it.

Offering a way out of what seemed to be the road to hp-where.

Bringing life back to a place that is offering you a place to sleep

in a place you cannot place….A place that lives forever in the moment

and where the future is wide open.

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