Snehta Nightland

Snehta Nightland Augustus Veinoglou 9 - 11th December, opening times: 4 - 8 pm Opening on Thursday 8th December 8 - 10 pm address: Ioannou Drosopoulou, 47 , 112 57, Athens An exhibition by the founder of Snehta Residency, artist Augustus Veinoglou, showcase work that he created around the idea of Snehta (Athens in reverse) before the Residency was founded in 2012. The exhibition is a collection of disparate visual material and themes that composed the groundwork behind the project's mission which now focuses on exploration and on finding alternative readings of the city through its residency and exhibitions programme. The works focus predominately on the location and the spaces the artist v

Patterns, Motifs & Designs of Kypseli

Snehta residency in collaboration with Focus on Fokionos and Agora Kypselis will be running two creative workshops led by current artists-in-residence at Snehta, Eleanor Lines and Katherine MacBride. Both workshops will be running on the 3rd and 4th of December from 11 - 3 at Dimotiki Agora Kypselis Zakinthou 2, Athina 113 61 The workshops will allow participants of all ages to take part and better understand the area's architecture and design through creative processes. Eleanor Lines will be running a stamp making and printing workshop by appropriating shapes from ornate doorways in Kypseli to inspire new designs. Katherine MacBride will be giving an introduction to making clay mou

I left my senses in I.Drosopoulou

I left my senses in I.Drosopoulou by Jan Uprichard Snehta Residency, I. Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli 11257 18th-26th November Open Thursday Friday Saturday 4-8pm Detailed programme of tours and events to be announced Ambling, Testing, Smelling, Mapping, Listening, Talking, Distilling, Rambling, Viewing, Reading, Understanding. For 2 weeks at the end of November Jan Uprichard will be opening up her workspace and practice to the public. Since arriving in Kypseli at the beginning of October she has been conducting sensory walks around the neighbourhood and meeting with locals; human, animal and botanical. She came with the aim of understanding Kypseli from as many different perspectives as

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